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I Did Another Thing!

I've been making an angry bird for Qualapec's mom, and now I'm posting the pics with permission.

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The Democratic Process Is Mine to Command

I was just asked earlier this week to be presiding judge in my county's school board elections in a few weeks!

I'm pretty excited, because while I've been an elections judge before, at the big election last november, I was only an alternate. This time, I'll be presiding, and I won't have an alternate. Luckily, it'll be low-turnout, and my dad, the lawyer, will be on standby for any issues that I can't direct to my boss in the county elections office.

I Did Things!

I've done a lot of crocheting since I fell off the map with last semester and getting sick with every non-serious respiratory infection ever.

Even better, I remembered to take pictures of some of them. So here's a picspam of my work!


Cthulhu! I've made a dozen of these. Everyone seems to be impressed at my ability to mass-produce evil. Except for my parents and siblings, who understand it as an innate ability.

That said, if Cthulhu ever awakens from his sleep, I'm so screwed.

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Apr. 5th, 2013

Ear infections suck.

So, in the interest of keeping me from doing anything self-destructive until Sailor Rhea gets here, I'm going to do something meme-like.

Recommend something to me. Anything at all. Comics, tv shows, movies, books, music, food, alcohol, anything you can think of.

It Only Took Six Months

I'm back! For real this time!

(There. Now Qualapec has no new reasons to kill me.)
My sister flew in from Iowa on the evening of day two. She got to the hotel while the rest of us were having dinner with our adoptive uncle and his ailing father. By the time jiejie actually found us, Grandpa was in the middle of driving ima into the nearest bar by being confused about rooming arrangements on the boat and by having run down his hearing aids' batteries so badly that they were almost useless.

(It should be noted right here that we were all incredibly grateful that he hadn't "accidentally" put his hearing aids through the washer this time. But I think he knew that he was on thin ice with both ima and Grandma on that issue, so he wisely kept them semi-functional.)

See, Grandpa was confused because ima had booked it so that the discounts were spread around as well as possible, rather than how we planned on staying. This meant that the cruise site had Grandpa and my brother in one room, ima and Grandma in another, and jiejie and I in a third. Grandpa read into that not that anyone was trying to save money, but that either Grandma was mad at him or ima was mad at gege, since he'd previously (correctly) assumed that he'd be with his wife and ima would be stuck with brother dear. Grandpa then said he couldn't imagine why either of those was the case, which had all of us laughing.

This was actually a fair read on Grandpa's part as, by the time ima and Grandma had explained it to him three times, it proved to be true.

My Alaskan Exile, Part Two: Oh, Canada

(I'm back from my very, very good book, which I'll talk about later.)

Day two of the vacation was spent shepherding Grandpa around Vancouver and trying like hell not to lose him. This wasn't easy because, though he moves slowly from his recent ankle surgery, he's mostly deaf and happy to keep it that way. Basically, he lives in his own little world, which is problematic when the rest of us are trying to deal with him in this one.

But at least we got to go to the Vancouver Aquarium to feed one of their otters, a male named Elfin. Interacting with him was awesome. When he saw people coming to the area just outside his habitat, he knew it was lunch time, so he jumped out of the water and started poking his nose around the edge of the acryllic, trying to make the food come faster. We knew that was explicitly not what he was supposed to be doing because the second he saw his trainer, he was back in the water and in the corner where he got his food. Whenever we weren't tossing Elfin food fast enough, he'd rub his belly as if to say "Empty! Food go here!" This of course had the desired effect.

The rest of the Aquarium was just as much fun. The sea lions barked whenever the dolphins were doing their show, clearly protesting that someone else was getting attention when they weren't. Then the dolphins squeaked whenever the sea lions were getting the attention, and everyone was amused.

Brb, Have to Read Something

Life is being put on hold for a few days while I read The Far West by Patricia C Wrede, the final book in the Frontier Magic series.

I just got it this evening, and holy mother of Glob is it amazing.

Go out and buy this series, people!
I'm starting my retelling of the week-and-a-half from hell at the beginning, which was, of course, well before we ever got out of the house. I wouldn't call this the planning stage, as I was left firmly out of that, except for when I was asked if I'd hypothetically like to go with most of the family to Alaska at some distant point in the future.

That was basically how it started for me- no one telling me what the plans were, then getting mad that I didn't know them. It wasn't until the night before we left, when I was finishing my laundry, that I found out that we were going to Vancouver first, because that was where the ship left. I was lucky just to know that ima, the grandparents and I were getting to wherever we were supposed to go a few days before everyone else, so that Grandma and Grandpa could recover.

Anyways, I ended up getting packed, then having to help ima pack all of her stuff the next day, before we left that evening. Unfortunately, her a/c decided to break that day, so I was left to haul things up and down her stairs all day in 90 degree heat. Needless to say, by the time dad came to take us to the airport, I was overheated and exhausted, even though I had been drinking water. Nevertheless, we did eventually make it to the airport, where ima and I found out that she had booked her parents on a much later flight, so she would have to go back to the airport in Vancouver at 2am to get them after we got settled at the hotel.

That would've been enough drama for one night, but no. When we finally got to Vancouver airport customs, I found that I left my passport on the plane. But that turned out to be no big deal, as I could use my state ID until one of the attendants brought it to us. It turned out well, but it didn't help that this all happened at 10pm local time. Not a good start to the vacation.

I Return!

So, I recently spent a week and a half out of town without a computer. (Yes, I realize that my absence from lj has been much longer, but before this I was busy learning calculus.) For a week of that time, I was on a cruise to Alaska with my ima, siblings, grandparents and an adoptive uncle and his aging father. For the rest of that time, I was in various hotel rooms in various cities on the Pacific coast of North America. Also, I got to go to Seattle and visit a good friend.

But I return from this exile with stories of family dysfunction, so that anyone in the mood to be amused or feel vaguely and comparatively sane can do so. (Also, this is so I can process all of this without spending money on therapy in a few years. I never have only one reason for doing anything.)

So, because this nearly two weeks of madness and not enough medication can't possibly be covered in a single post, that's what I'm doing this week. (Or maybe month. It was a really long week and a half.) Every day, I'm going to post at least one story from this vacation. Maybe more, depending on how much booze, tea, adderall or xanex each anecdote requires for the retelling.

God help my liver.

Elections Matter

At least, they do in America. (But I'm not going to get into the can of worms that is Russia or anywhere in Africa.) So, if you can, go and work for one.

That's what I was doing yesterday, for the Democrat side of the Texas primary election. It was thirteen hours of work with all of ninety-one voters, in a temporary building behind a public school that had terrible air conditioning. But it was surprisingly fun and I would totally recommend it, though I do also recommend bringing coffee. A lot of coffee. And leave the next day free for recovery, because thirteen hours, ending with breaking down and moving heavy voting machines, is a really long day.

I Return!

And I come back somewhat victorious, for I have somewhat learned how to use tumblr. Key word there being "somewhat."

Oh, that reminds me! As of yesterday, I have a tumblr! Fear me, for I am the Grim Squeaker!

ILU, Korra

Or, Strong Women Learning to Be Even Stronger Seems to Be a Near-Universal Bulletproof Kink

I was hooked at "I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!" And holy crap, the show has yet to disappoint. This production team is one show away from beating out Joss Whedon for greatest concentration of awesome.

Seriously, a show about an emotionally healthy one-woman guns show who is destined to get even more awesome? With a bonus focus on how she keeps herself emotionally healthy by learning to deal with her problems? And keeps up drama with realistic political tensions and good and bad guys on both sides of the aisle? It is not physically possible for me to not adore this show.

No more words right now. I'll just be in the corner, re-watching the awesome a few more times.

Fear My Democratic Power

I'm going to be a delegate at the Texas Democratic convention. I have no idea what I'm going to do with that, but I have a vague idea about using it to take over the world.

Poll Pimping

What Canceled TV Show Would You Bring Back?

Firefly. Wonderfalls. Better Off Ted. Veronica Mars. The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Pushing Daisies.

Note the "not voting for Dollhouse" part. ILU, Whedon, but you need to leave the preaching to PETA.
"Now, now. He's our brother and we have to love him."
"I never said I didn't. I'm just lamenting missed opportunities."
-An exchange between my sister and I, regarding our brother's nearly disgusting level of success.

Seriously, he's only been in his new job as a baby lawyer for six months, and already he's made enough money to buy a frakking house. What's fair about that?
Once again, the universe has decided to remind me that I'm surrounded by idiots. Well, like, three, but they're really persistent and they like to forget that I'm a physics major. So, once again it's time to update the List of Things to Know Before Bothering Me with Stupid Questions:

- No, the Higgs-Boson hasn't actually been discovered yet. The big news a few weeks ago was that the data showed them a smaller range where they should look.

- The Higgs-Boson is so ill-defined that you might as well call it magic. Depending on who you ask, it's either what makes gravity work, what gives matter mass or what made the universe start to happen.

- No, no one actually knows how gravity works. It doesn't fit with any of the rules that define other forces in the universe, like electric charge or magnetism.

- Gravity is actually an incredibly weak force. The force between two fridge magnets is exponentially bigger.

- No, this doesn't mean that all of the equations involving gravity that you learned in high school are wrong. It also doesn't mean that we can fly. It just means that we don't know everything about the universe just yet.

- Yes, liquid oxygen does exist. The Terminator movies weren't lying about that. It just doesn't occur naturally on Earth because our atmosphere doesn't exert enough pressure.

- When a substance is hotter or colder than its surroundings, it either expends or absorbs energy until it's in equilibrium with its surroundings. The ice in your glass is going to keep melting and gaining energy, which means getting warmer, until it reaches room temperature, not just until all the ice is gone.

- Yes, theoretically all of the oxygen molecules in a room could end up floating in one corner. But they don't, because gases don't stay in one place. That's one of the main parts of what makes them gases.

- No, I will not do your physics homework for you next semester. Ask me again and I'll end you.

Happy Pi Day!

I'm celebrating by eating peach pie and playing with conic sections.

Anyone else celebrating the nerdiest day of mathematical fun?

Why, Yes, It Has Been a Happy Birthday

Aside from the itching, of course, my birthday has been awesome! My sister even called and we commiserated over my stupid art history professor.

Midterm Tomorrow!

And I'm ready for it! I really am!

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