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My Alaskan Exile, Part Two: Oh, Canada

(I'm back from my very, very good book, which I'll talk about later.)

Day two of the vacation was spent shepherding Grandpa around Vancouver and trying like hell not to lose him. This wasn't easy because, though he moves slowly from his recent ankle surgery, he's mostly deaf and happy to keep it that way. Basically, he lives in his own little world, which is problematic when the rest of us are trying to deal with him in this one.

But at least we got to go to the Vancouver Aquarium to feed one of their otters, a male named Elfin. Interacting with him was awesome. When he saw people coming to the area just outside his habitat, he knew it was lunch time, so he jumped out of the water and started poking his nose around the edge of the acryllic, trying to make the food come faster. We knew that was explicitly not what he was supposed to be doing because the second he saw his trainer, he was back in the water and in the corner where he got his food. Whenever we weren't tossing Elfin food fast enough, he'd rub his belly as if to say "Empty! Food go here!" This of course had the desired effect.

The rest of the Aquarium was just as much fun. The sea lions barked whenever the dolphins were doing their show, clearly protesting that someone else was getting attention when they weren't. Then the dolphins squeaked whenever the sea lions were getting the attention, and everyone was amused.

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