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My sister flew in from Iowa on the evening of day two. She got to the hotel while the rest of us were having dinner with our adoptive uncle and his ailing father. By the time jiejie actually found us, Grandpa was in the middle of driving ima into the nearest bar by being confused about rooming arrangements on the boat and by having run down his hearing aids' batteries so badly that they were almost useless.

(It should be noted right here that we were all incredibly grateful that he hadn't "accidentally" put his hearing aids through the washer this time. But I think he knew that he was on thin ice with both ima and Grandma on that issue, so he wisely kept them semi-functional.)

See, Grandpa was confused because ima had booked it so that the discounts were spread around as well as possible, rather than how we planned on staying. This meant that the cruise site had Grandpa and my brother in one room, ima and Grandma in another, and jiejie and I in a third. Grandpa read into that not that anyone was trying to save money, but that either Grandma was mad at him or ima was mad at gege, since he'd previously (correctly) assumed that he'd be with his wife and ima would be stuck with brother dear. Grandpa then said he couldn't imagine why either of those was the case, which had all of us laughing.

This was actually a fair read on Grandpa's part as, by the time ima and Grandma had explained it to him three times, it proved to be true.

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